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Poteet Volksmarch

Walk Start outside the
Poteet Country Winery.
Breakfast burritos for sale.  

Rose showing me the bumper sticker
for the Strawberry Festival.

Robert on his way back-in.
The driveway lined with windmills.

Carol further down the drive.  
More windmills.

Empty stock tank.
Ed and Carol.

Volksmarchers ahead on the road.

This young gentleman has
already walked 30 volksmarches.

They were busy picking strawberries.

Checkpoint #1.

Checkpoint #2.
Pine tree windbreak along the road.

Resting at the turnaround.

Lot Cemetery.

Home with a cactus fence.

Checkpoint #3.

The walk finish is in site.

Driveway lined with windmills.

Activity around the finish.

City of Poteet's water tower.