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Andrews, TX Volksmarch

Carol and I went out to far west Texas to do two YREs. These YREs were in new counties for us. This one is Andrews County. It brings my count of Texas Counties Walked to 120. Andrews is a nice little town. Link to other YRE is at bottom of page.

Walk starts out around this pretty lake.

Island in the middle of the lake.

Park Sign.
Near the half way point of walk we
found a nice patch of Bluebonnets.
Route passed this elementary school.

Nice Spanish style home.

Mural on the side of the Newspaper Office.

City Hall.

Andrews County Courthouse.

Back at the finish at the lake. Two
of the 50 or so ducks and geese.

Waterfall at the end of the lake.
Waterfall and playground behind it.
Carol playing in the water.

Close Up.

Big Spring State Park

Thanks to the Midland Walkabouts for hosting this event.

Map of Counties Walked